Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wilbur is reunited with owner - thanks to his microchip

Reunited with his owners after being missing for 12 months....

We all love a happy ending! So we have some fantastic news to bring to you today! Our cat we named Sooz (Wilbur – known to his owners) has gone home with his owners. Poor Wilbur has been missing for a year after he escaped while his family were moving abroad to the Netherlands. Thankfully he was microchipped and came from Cornwall. Although after some investigation work we found out his owner’s had moved away and their old house was currently being renovated. We posted his photo here on Facebook hoping to trace an owner, leaflets were put up around the area he was found and he was also put onto Animal Search UK by our volunteer Su. Su managed to find a match on Animal Search and his owners had contacted us. They returned to the UK to collect him.  We are so pleased he has found his way home, will be reunited with the rest of his family and his sibling. We would like to thank our volunteer Su for her brilliant work on Animal Search UK.    
We also want to raise the awareness of the importance of microchipping your cat(s) and keeping their details up to date when you move house –if your cat goes missing and is checked for a microchip, you’re more likely to be reunited.

To find out more details about microchipping your cat, please follow the link below

Going home with his owners

If you cat is already microchipped, when moving house please remember to change your address details on the central database when you move. In the UK, you can update your cat’s registered details by contacting your existing UK database company, or Petlog – on 0844 4633 999 or via – or Anibase – on 01904 487 600 or via If moving abroad, simply putting your cat through PETS or quarantine does not automatically update your records, so it is important that you remember to do this. For your own records also keep your cat’s unique microchip number safe. There may be a small fee when updating your details, but worth it to get your feline friend home.

Wilbur home with is brother

Since writing this blog, we have received news from his owners, he may it back home safe and was reunited with his brother Mika and their dog Pippa. They greeted by them as if he'd only been gone a few days. His owner was amazed to see that they still recognised each other after all this time. He's definitely happy to be home again..

Friday, 30 December 2016

Success Story - Smokey and The Colonel

We thought we’d end the year with a lovely success story – back in the summer we had two loveable cats Smokey and the Colonel. Smokey was very outgoing whereas Colonel was quite a shy boy. His new owners have been in touch us and were happy to let us share their story. Smokey is now renamed Humphrey and Colonel is now called Hugo – we love the new names. We would like to thank them for their lovely email and photos. Here is what they had to say….

“Thank you so much for your email and for your help in finding us our now beloved cats.

When we came to Exeter Axhayes back in July we knew that we wanted to adopt two cats and when we came inside we absolutely fell in love with Smokey and The Colonel, who are now known as Humphrey and Hugo. I have attached some photographs of them for you to see.

They have both settled in very well to their new environment and are now completely ruling the roost in the way that only cats can! Humphrey, the confident one, settled in immediately and is a real character. He is always quick to let us know when he is hungry.... whatever time of the day or night! The problem that he had with his weepy eye is, unfortunately, ongoing but a great deal better than it was and not really causing him any discomfort. He is under the supervision of our local vet who feels it may possibly have been stress related and will continue to improve, the more he settles in to his new home. Hugo came to us as an extremely nervous cat and hid himself away from us for the first few days. After lots and lots of love and patience, though, he has really come out of his shell. He has gained lots of confidence and is now a different cat! He loves lots of attention and cuddles and enjoys relaxing in the sunshine. He does still become a little apprehensive when new people come into the house but has a safe place where he goes until he feels happy to join us again.

Both of our boys have brought us so much joy and we now can't imagine our life without them! We are so pleased to have been able to offer them a place in our home but we couldn't have done that without the wonderful work of the Cats Protection. So on behalf of Humphrey and Hugo and all of the other cats who you help ... thank you!”

We would like to thank their new owners again for getting in touch with us – we always love to hear how our ex-Axhayes cats are settling in to your homes  or maybe you’ve adopted any of our kittens which are now fully grown and enjoying life. You can share these on our Facebook page or you can email them to us at Thank you.

Christmas Day - Santa Paws Appeal 2016

We thought we’d share a few photos taken by our CCA Jackie on Christmas Day. On 1st December we launched our Santa Paws Appeal – again you’ve all been brilliant making up some lovely gift boxes for our cats, we cannot thank you enough. We received just over 120 presents for our cats and a some for our staff who work here, which were opened on Christmas morning. We would also like to thank our online shoppers who had donated gifts via our Amazon wishlist. We would like to thank Beryl for donating Christmas turkeys for our cat’s dinner and Jane at the Lamb Inn for cooking them. Finally we would like to thank our volunteers who came out to help us during the Christmas holidays!


Our hand-rear kittens with their present via Amazon wishlist
Napoleon recovering well after his operation
We hope you had a good Christmas and a have Happy New Year!   

Monday, 12 December 2016


On the 14th October we launched a JUST GIVING appeal for 10 week old Napoleon.

This is how the story unfolded...

Napoleon is a 10 week old ginger male kitten who came into our care when he was found in a very traumatic & distressed state on a country road having believed to be in a RTA.  He was rushed to our vets and given IV fluids via a drip to rehydrate him.  Initial examination identified abrasions to his face & side and he was also badly limping on his back leg.  After several days in our care, Napoleon’s condition had improved sufficiently for our vet to take x-rays of his back leg as he was still very lame.  The results showed he had severe damage & had fractured his femoral neck which will require extensive surgery to correct, at a reduced cost to us of approx £500.

We started a Just Giving page to help pay for his treatment with any surplus donations going towards treating the other cats and kittens in our care at Axhayes. We shared it on our website and Facebook page.

Amazingly in just 24 hours we hit our target and the money just kept on coming.

This was our facebook update at 9am on 15th October :

FANTASTIC NEWS - We have smashed our target within 24hrs! Napoleon would love to thank all those generous supporters who have kindly donated towards the cost of his operation. We will keep you updated on his progress, he cannot have his operation for a few weeks until he has grown a little more, he still only weighs under 1kg! In the meantime we will continue to love & care for him and provide him with the necessary pain relief. Many thanks again from Napoleon & everyone here at Axhayes.

Well, 8 weeks later Napoleon now weighs 2kg, the weight he needed to be before the vets could do his operation. 

His surgery is booked for this Friday 16 December and we are all excited for him.  

He is a very special kitten that deserves a purrfect future. 

We will keep you updated on his recovery and when he will be available for adoption.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Queenies move to our new centre in Somerset

Yesterday, Queenie made the trip from our Exeter adoption centre to our new
Taunton Homing and Information Centre.
Here's a few pictures of her settling into her new apartment...

Queenie surveying her new room

Are you looking at me?


Exploring the tunnel

Queenie spent most of her life as an indoor cat before coming into the centre many months ago. She needs to find an owner who will give her time and patience to help her settle in to her new home. She is very affectionate but like most cats, also enjoys her independence and a quiet space to sleep in.
Settling down for a cat nap
To see a video of Queenie in her foster home, please click on the link below..

If you like a challenge and have a patient heart, please consider Queenie to be your loyal companion. If you would like to meet her, call 01823 667945. or pop in to our new centre at Blackdown Garden Centre, West Buckland, Wellington, Nr Taunton, Somerset, TA21 9HY.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cats Protection Taunton Rehoming and Information Centre

Exciting news cat-lovers of Somerset, we are opening a brand new rehoming centre!!!!

From Wednesday 10th August – the Taunton Rehoming and Information Centre will be open to the public! We will be open every day from 10am until 4pm. Our new centre is based at the Blackdown Garden Centre, Wellington. Our shiny new centre has five purpose built pens – where you can walk in and meet and greet the cats! Our friendly staff can offer any help or cat-related advice too. Take a look at our fabulous photos taken today of our lovely new centre....

Entrance to our new centre
Reception area

Cat pens

One of our new cat pens

The first of our new cats to arrive at Taunton yesterday were Gypsy and Dusty. They are settling in well already and they can’t wait to find new families to join! Here are some photos below of them both in our new cat pens, snoozing, playing and enjoying some cuddles on CCA Ros' lap yesterday.

Dusty in his new pen
Gypsy playing with her new toys


Gypsy - 2 year old female  

Dusty - 5 year old male 

Our grand opening of our new centre will be on Friday 26th August, if you are in the area why not pop in and say hello to us!
If you live in the Taunton/Wellington area and are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten - our dedicated team at Taunton Rehoming centre are ready to assist you every step of the way! Each of our cats available for adoption is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms. Our cats also come with one month's FREE petplan insurance. We do ask for an adoption fee of £60 per cat or kitten - this fee helps cover some of the costs - as on average it costs £200 to care for a cat in our centre. Any donations are gratefully received.   

You can find our new centre at Blackdown Garden Centre, West Buckland, Wellington, Nr Taunton, Somerset, TA21 9HY. Telephone - 01823 667945.Our Taunton cats will feature on our Exeter Axhayes Website at

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pets at Home VIP Scheme

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to the Pets at Home VIP scheme and have been collecting Lifelines for us. Thanks to you we managed to purchase lots of food, several scratch posts, cat litter and some lovely new toys for the cats & kittens at the centre.

Two trollies full of goodies

Our van loaded with scratch posts

Lots of new toys for the cats & kittens

By registering for the VIP Club you can help to make a difference to Cats Protection Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre every time your VIP card is swiped at a Pets at Home store. The VIP club means you can enjoy money-saving offers on food, toys and accessories for yours pets – and support us at the same time!

When you register you’ll receive a VIP card, a 10% off voucher and you can look forward to regular offers, tips advice and a free magazine. Each time you swipe your VIP card you can support our work by collecting Lifelines. Every three months our Lifelines will be exchanged for Pets at Home vouchers which we’ll spend to help the cats and kittens in our care.
Jiminy Cricket with a Dreamies mouse

Stagecoach Smudge with a new owl feather toy


Honey with a new owl rope toy

Join the VIP club today at your local Pets at Home store or at
When you log into your online account and remember to select a home store – Pets at Home Rydon Lane or Marsh Barton.
We are very grateful for your support and generosity